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Where can I find ammo?

Ammunition can be found as Ammo Boxes of varying caliber anywhere in the worldspace, but is has a much higher chance to be found in military bases and police stations. Zombies in military locations can drop ammo.

To use the Ammo Boxes, press 'r' while holding a gun.

List of Ammo Types

Not craftable*

  • Box of Nails*
  • Arrows
  • Crossbow Bolt
  • Ammo Box .25 ACP
  • Ammo Box .44
  • Ammo Box .338
  • Ammo Box .356
  • Ammo Box 9MM
  • Ammo Box 5.56MM
  • Ammo Box 7.62MM
  • Ammo Box 12 Gauge
  • RPG Rocket
  • Energy Cell*